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Any good maven support for Google Appengine?

Posted by Jacob von Eyben on June 5th, 2009

Yesterday I created a appengine project testing the JPA/Spring/Wicket stack.

This was created using the build.xml file found in the appengine documentation. It all worked fine, but I would like to build my project using maven so I started looking for a good maven plugin.

I found this blog talking about what features a good plugin should contain and a guy from the kindleit company claiming that they actually had implemented a maven-gae-plugin capable of executing most of these tasks.

Unfortunately I ran into several problems using this plugin, hence I have created an issue.

Untill these tasks in the issue has been fixed I would like to use another plugin.
Can anybody guide me in the direction of a more stable plugin?

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  1. SN Says:

    Vote here if you are looking for maven support in GAE

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