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IOS LinkedIn integration using OAuth2.

Posted by Jacob von Eyben on June 9th, 2013

I have created an opensource IOS library which can access the LinkedIn API using OAuth2.

The library is accessible at github: and the latest version 0.0.4 has been submitted to cocoapods central repository:

If you need to use LinkedIn in your IOS application, I hope you can use this library.


5 Responses to “IOS LinkedIn integration using OAuth2.”

  1. Luke Coleman Says:

    I was just looking for an OAuth2 LinkedIn iOS sdk. This looks really good. You may already have somebody using it. Thanks.

  2. Luke Coleman Says:

    oh and yea, I am not too familiar with using pod just yet because I just started into ios dev so including an actual xcode project file in your example code would be helpful

  3. Kevin Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the library! I was trying to get the auth done via AFNetworking’s oauth library but I just couldn’t get it working. Your library was dead simple and I was auth’d in 2 minutes. Hope it keeps going! :)

  4. Isuru Says:


    Thanks for the cool library. I have hit a snag and hope you can help me out with it.

    How do you make an API call using the library? I’m trying to use the Share API ( on LinkedIn to post a status message. I’m kinda lost on how to add parameters to the URL using the library. How can it be done?


  5. Jacob von Eyben Says:

    It is a bit out of the scope of the library and more a AFNetworking concern or whatever http client you are using after you have received an access token.

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